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5 Ideas for Using Your Safety Budget Effectively At many large organizations, you can get whatever you need and want. However, an unlimited safety budget isn’t in the cards for most companies. More often than not, you’ll need to work within tight monetary constraints to meet your safety needs. This can be a problem when […]

5 Tips About OH&S Standards You Need To Know Dealing with OH&S Standards (Occupational Health & Safety) isn’t always easy. There are many different workplace safety issues that need to be handled if you want to stay in compliance with the acts, regulations, and codes of practice. So, how do you ensure that your company […]

Canadian First Aid Preparedness Infographic   All of us hope that we will never be in a situation that requires the use of First Aid skills, like CPR. But the truth is that many of us have, or will be in a position during our lifetime, where our knowledge of Canadian First Aid or Standard First […]

9 Days To An Amazing Company Safety Program Investing into your workplace is money well spent. Companies with effective and efficient safety programs receive many benefits including fewer workplace injuries and claims, improved company morale, and lower insurance premiums. In fact, well-developed safety policies and in-depth employee training will not only protect your investment and […]

AEDs & CPR Save Lives. I Am Living Proof Of That. By Mark Malekoff On April 2nd, 2017, I survived a Cardiac Arrest. I was playing hockey at the Kev’s Kids Charity Hockey Tournament. During the last period of the final game, I started feeling light headed, my chest was pounding, and I couldn’t catch my […]

How Much Can a “Fall Protection” Negligence Lawsuit Cost You & How Easily Can It Be Avoided Falls are among the most common causes of serious injuries and death in the workplace. In fact, in construction, falls take the top spot for accidents. And a lack of fall protection is the most common fine implemented […]

Free TriTech Standard First-Aid Digital-Toolbox Guide About this Guide This Standard First Aid  guide has been developed to assist with the unique needs of your small business in regards to occupational health and safety obligations. It will provide you with the practical tools and information necessary to ensure proper first-aid. The toolbox provided is advisory […]

Health and Safety Tips Your Company Would Benefit to Learn From This Year As an employer, there are many workplace issues that fall on your shoulders, including the health and safety of your employees. It’s your legal duty to ensure that the environment and culture you provide protects the mental and physical health of your […]

Top 10 OSHA Violations Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration releases a list of the ten most frequently cited and fined violations for the fiscal year. This list of safety and health citations is compiled from nearly 32,000 workplace inspections, and the list rarely changes. Year after year, OSHA runs into the same […]

The Top Occupational Health & Safety Training Courses That Pack The Most Value Everyone who has ever run a business knows that it’s absolutely essential to control costs. However, anyone who’s worked on a construction site also knows that safety training isn’t just a line item on a budget — it’s a matter of life […]

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