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Emergency First Aid – CPR Level C & AED and Basic Life Support

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We know, emergencies can arise at any moment. Being equipped with the right skills to respond to such situations can be life-saving. This is where TriTech Safety & Training’s courses on Emergency First Aid – CPR Level C & AED and Basic Life Support (BLS) – Heart & Stroke Foundation become vital.

The Cornerstone for Medical Providers

Basic Life Support (BLS) is more than just a certification; it’s an essential skill set for healthcare professionals, emergency medical providers, and first responders. If you’re associated with Alberta Health Services or planning to join, this course is indispensable. BLS training is the gold standard in teaching the necessary skills for effective emergency medical response.

Comprehensive Training for Real-Life Scenarios

This course isn’t just about learning techniques; it’s about applying them in real-life situations. It covers:

  • Single and multi-rescuer basic life support skills
  • High-quality CPR
  • Effective team dynamics in various settings
  • Utilization of feedback devices for enhanced chest compressions
  • Emergency scenarios including opioid-associated, maternal cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, drowning, heart attacks, and strokes

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In a real-life example of the vital importance of CPR training, Ty Hurley, a forward for the Kelowna Rockets, recently utilized his life-saving skills to rescue a man in distress. This incident vividly demonstrates how CPR training, like that offered in our Emergency First Aid – CPR Level C & AED and Basic Life Support courses, can empower individuals to act decisively and effectively in emergency situations.

The Wider Relevance of BLS

BLS isn’t just for medical professionals. Fire service personnel, sports medicine professionals, lifeguards, and ski patrollers can greatly benefit from this training. It’s also a pre-requisite for many advanced resuscitation and healthcare-related training programs.

Emergency First Aid – CPR Level C & AED: For Everyone

Tailored for Various Needs

Whether you’re a professional in the field, in the energy sector, or someone who wants to be prepared for home emergencies, this course is designed for you. It encompasses all the essential skills required to respond effectively to emergencies, especially in the workplace.

What You’ll Learn

The course, adhering to the latest CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care guidelines, includes:

  • The Chain of Survival
  • Techniques for 1-rescuer and 2-rescuer CPR
  • Usage of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Effective ventilation methods
  • Handling opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies and other critical situations

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Certification and Duration

Both courses are concise, spanning approximately 4 hours, and culminate in a certification from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, valid for 3 years. They meet the legislation requirements set for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards and include the latest first aid and CPR guidelines.

Upon completion, participants will not only have a certification but also the confidence to handle emergencies effectively, making them invaluable assets in any setting.

Emergency situations require prompt and effective response. By enrolling in these courses, you’re not just gaining a certificate; you’re equipping yourself with essential life-saving skills. Whether you’re a professional in a healthcare setting or someone who wishes to be prepared for emergencies at home or work, these courses are for you.

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