Confined Space Entry and ‘Basic’ Rescue

Students physically interact in a confined space simulator. The students are guided safely through various scenarios from basic entry to non-tank entry rescue of fallen workers & self-rescue. Students will be required to perform basic evacuations while using breathing apparatus. The emphasis is placed on the entrant’s safety first. Basic rescue techniques will enable them to implement an efficient rescue in a variety of possible situations.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the students will:

  • Obtain a basic knowledge of entering a confined space & ‘basic’ rescues.
  • Be able to identify the various types of hazards that may occur when working within or around confined spaces.
  • Demonstrate practical skills with a breathing apparatus, and enter a simulator to understand what it is like to work within a confined space.
  • Go over the rules and regulations one must be aware of when working with confined spaces.

To ensure the information discussed in this course is understood and retained, all students participate in practical exercises.

Expiry: 3-years

Class Size: Maximum 20

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