Canadian First Aid Preparedness Infographic

Canadian First Aid Preparedness Infographic

All of us hope that we will never be in a situation that requires the use of First Aid skills, like CPR. But the truth is that many of us have, or will be in a position during our lifetime, where our knowledge of Canadian First Aid or Standard First Aid could save the life of someone in need.

The Canadian Red Cross has found that most Canadians are not prepared for such a circumstance. What can we do personally to make sure that we are more prepared in the case of an emergency?

The following infographic will educate us on the Basic First Aid training we need and show us where we can go to receive that training.

This Infographic will be covering whether or not we are prepared for an emergency, consider a few of the most common emergency situations and what you should know about them, and where you can get the proper training to assist in helping out in one of these emergency situations.


Canadians and First Aid Infographic

We hope that you found our infographic on Canadian First Aid Preparedness informative.

You can Download the pdf version here:

TriTech Safety’s First Aid Infographic


The information in this Canadian First Aid Infographic is taken from one of our eBooks that TriTech Safety & Training has written and published entitled: The TiTech Safety & Training Standard First Aid Digital Toolbox


TriTech Safety & Training Inc, located in Grande Prairie is in the best position to keep you up-to-date with the essential and important industry practices for preventing avoidable accidents.

We offer courses in Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Emergency Response and First Aid Recertifications.

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Brian Tiedemann

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