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8 Reasons Occupational Health & Safety Training Will Change The Way You Think About Everything


There are employers and even some employees that consider Occupational Health and Safety Training to be a costly exercise that some think only leads to the disruption of business operations. The result of this dangerous assumption over time has caused a lot of workstation accidents due to bad workplace health and safety procedures.


Statistics for lack of safety have reported: injuries, higher mortality rates, health complications, as well as a temporary and permanent incapacitation of many workers.

The importance of Occupational Health and Safety Training for the entire company is critical to the overall protection and good will of both employees and employers.

No matter the size of your business, here are some valid reasons why Occupational Health and Safety Training for both you and your employees will change the way you think about everything.

1. A Safe Workplace Is a Safe Business

Investors look at many things before putting their funds into a company. One of the criteria investors use in determining the prospects of a business is the safety procedures in use at the workplace because of the fear of possible lawsuits that could wipe out their profits and investment in the future.
In order to boost the confidence of investors in your company, it is imperative that you organize regular safety training.
If you want to make your business more profitable through effective management structure that respects all Statutory Occupational Health and Safety Laws as well as Regulations, then you will need to request the services of an excellent Safety Training company like Tritech Safety.

2. Every Work Environment Has Risks

It is very easy for some to assume that their industry does not pose enough risk to warrant required training. Due to a lack of understanding about what Occupational Health and Safety really means, many companies have unknowingly opened a wide workplace gap that lends an opportunity to unnecessary tragedy. Ignorance is not bliss in this setting.
Falls, repetitive stress injuries, lack of signage and faulty equipment have all caused countless injuries as well as plagued almost every industry over time and could have easily been avoided

3. You Will Find Out About Obligations You May Have Never Known You Had

If you work for a company or organization, then this precious safety training might show you areas of responsibility that you never knew you had. One such case involved a supervisor going to prison!

4. Occupational Health and Safety Training Is a Business Promotion Strategy

With regular safety training for your employees, your brand can become more highly regarded by consumers (Think quality and safe-feeling brands that people trust more). Since companies operate as more of a complete unit instead of just individual sections, then the importance of good production and service standards flow through better, all of which creates a healthy and strong workplace culture. This happy and protected workplace culture cannot help but shine through even for product marketing and client retention (Have you ever felt better when a happy and confident person picks up the phone to take your order?).

5. You Will Understand the Real Consequences of Workplace Accidents, Illnesses and Injuries

The cost of accidents, illnesses, and injuries at the workplace almost always goes beyond what most employers and employees think. Undergoing regular safety training will make you understand the consequences of having to pay through your nose for lawsuits, fines and insurance costs rising from workplace accidents that could have been avoided or minimized through the regular training of staff.

6. Occupational Health and Safety Training Improves Employees Productivity

Complying with the OSHA standards that started in 1970 has shown to have long-term employee productivity effects. Apart from maximizing a worker’s optimum productivity levels, it also boosts an employees’ confidence and promotes more engagement with company goals as well as aspirations.
Standard safety training has proven to be essential in gaining optimum productivity.

7. It Is A Win-Win Opportunity For You and Your Employees

Awareness on issues like reduced medical costs, non-disruption of business activities and increased production will change the thinking of any manager.
Safety training professionals will highlight the gains everyone stands to receive and help change the misconception among some managers that only employees benefit from such training.

8. You Will Understand Why Occupational Health and Safety Training Is Not A Waste of Time

If you view safety training as a waste of resources because you see no immediate face value, or return, think again.
A Professional OHS Training Company like Tritech Safety will help you visualize the consequences of avoidable workplace accidents and injuries. Lawsuits and or prison time have immediate effects on any companies bottom line.

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