3 Reasons Skipping Safety Training Can Cost You Big-Time And One Simple Way To Fix It

The Unnoticed Cost of Skipping Safety Training

While their deaths may not make the news, 12 people die every day from workplace accidents. According to statistics released by the Department of Labor, there are usually over 4 million workplace injuries and illnesses reported annually. Employers pay over half a billion dollars in workers’ compensation wages alone, which exclude the cost of training replacement workers as well as the cost of lost time and productivity.

As important as they are, best practices for safety don’t just happen. Knowing the consequences of skipping workplace safety training can help motivate you toward making regular improvements and avoiding unnecessary expenses. TriTech Safety can help with whatever safety training you need (Learn More Here).

In this article, we will be looking at the top three reasons why skipping safety training can cost you big-time, and help you find what your company might be missing.

3 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Skip Safety Training

1. Reduction in Productivity

In a 2012 study performed in the United States, they discovered that 150 workers were lost every day due to hazardous working conditions.
When workers skip safety training, they lack the necessary knowledge to keep themselves safe in the workplace. Resulting sick leave, due to job site illnesses and injuries, quickly reduce the overall productivity of any company. When a worker is absent, another employee has to replace them and that person must be trained as well. These preventable tragedies not only disable workers and devastate families, but they also damage a company’s financial well-being and take a toll on the national economy.

2. Decrease in Workers’ Morale

In productive, enjoyable workplaces, a high value is placed on teamwork. It is not uncommon for employees to regularly work together for a considerable period of time, even becoming close friends. Because of this commonality, often everyone in a company can be affected by the actions of one individual. If a worker decides to skip workplace safety training regularly, then the possibility of workplace injury or illness can skyrocket. When employees are affected like this, often morale can drop which will result in lower levels of productivity, as well as job satisfaction.

3. Increase in Premiums & Expenses

A study done by the National Safety Council found that the cost per medically consulted injury, including estimates of wage losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses and employer costs were $39,000 on average.
When safety training is skipped or deemed insignificant, workplace injuries increase, more claims are filed, and premiums go up. If an employees’ regular attendance at safety training workshops is not monitored, then frequent injuries that commonly result from the lack of proper training could easily sully a company’s good name.


There are many other reasons why safety training should never be skipped, but there is one simple way to avoid it: Make sure workers regularly attend the right safety training course for their industry, and carefully follow the workplace safety regulations that they have learned in class.
Businesses should also strive to put appropriate insurance policies in place so that they do not incur losses for incidents that they are not at fault for.

It is important to know that both workers and employers have to comply with proper health and safety legislation.

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