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The Top 3 Industries That Experience The Most Easily Avoidable Accidents

The Truth & Challenge Of Most Workplace Injuries

Every single day, several injuries are reported occurring all over a diverse list of workplaces. The majority of these injuries can be avoided.

Although many injuries occur in occupations that require physical labor, these injuries are often caused by repetitive actions, carelessness, loose materials and several other conditions that are specific to each of the business categories that these services are categorized under.

Let us take a closer look at three industries where these accidents occur & find simple ways to avoid them.

Heavy Machinery / Production Plant – Slips, Trips & Falls

Common Problems:

Slips and trips are one of the most common types of injuries in the workplace. They occur most often in large and small production plants or work locations with heavy machinery that deals with oil, grease, and water. Some incidents take place using small tools and can range anywhere from relatively light, all the way to life-threatening, especially when the victim hits their head against heavy machinery.

Slips and trips are caused most often when the workplace is disorganized, and piles of material are left on the ground (Another example would be water slicks on the open floor).

Cramped areas and not enough walking space can easily make workers trip, slip and fall. Finally, objects that are left lying on the open ground can easily be stepped on.

Simple Solutions:

Accidents, like the ones just mentioned, can be easily prevented by putting a plan in place to give priority to thorough cleanup. The plan should include cleaning up all work areas immediately after work there finished. Routine cleaning should be done the next work day to guarantee that everything is where it is supposed to be.

In areas that deal with water, a “slippery when wet” sign should be placed in a prominent spot so that everyone present will know to watch their steps carefully. Safety boots should also be a part of an employees’ uniform.

Field Work / Construction Sites – Overexertion

Common Problems:

In field operations or construction sites, where a lot of physical exertion and heavy lifting is required, every worker stands the risk of overexertion. The bulk of the billions of dollars paid out to injury benefit costs every year is for employees who have suffered from overexertion. This accident is severe and can have long-lasting effects on both the injured employee(s) and their employer(s).

Simple Solutions:

A sure-fire way of avoiding overexertion injuries is through proper training. Some industries evaluate and train their workers on a weekly and monthly basis with proper lifting and moving techniques so that they can avoid these types of injuries. Most of the times these valuable education programs are overlooked, but it is crucial to follow a regular training routine. Proper education needs to be ingrained, revisited and corrected so that workers will not engage in any improper lifting techniques.

Agriculture – Machine Entanglement

Common Problems:

This accident is unique to the farming trade, and it is one of the most life-threatening disasters in the industry. In most cases, the accidents occur when loose clothing or protective gear get stuck in the moving part of a machine, which then draws in part of the body.

Injuries could be minor scrapes, scratches, and bruises. However, bones can break, or there is potential for internal bleeding.

Simple Solutions:

To avoid this, maintain strict dress codes that conform to the prevention of occupational hazards caused by inappropriate clothing. Also, the use of tools or protective gear like gloves should be prohibited when operating machines that can cause entanglement.

Every machine should be inspected for parts that could snag a worker and cause entanglement. These parts should have guards on them and should be closed.

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