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How to Train Someone Who Thinks Safety Is Only Important for Anyone But Themselves

Note: In this article, we will be looking at the steps involved in training someone who thinks that safety is only important for everyone else and that they themselves are exempt from it.

The Importance of The Matter

In some specific work environments, there have been occasions where an employee or two will think that safety training is a waste of time. This is a dangerous attitude and can spread if not promptly corrected.

It might be easy for this category of people to falsely believe that others need safety training, but that they themselves are excluded because of their superior ability. Reasoning such as just mentioned can impose big problems on any employer and will beg the question: “How do we train someone who does not think training is important?”.

It is, of course, your decision on how you will go about approaching this important subject with your employees. However, we have listed some methods that can be of assistance to you and your company when reasoning with said attitude:


Highlight The Consequences
Point out the risks involved in not adhering to health and safety instructions which include, but are not limited to health risks alone, since they are liable for fines by the OHS if they do not take health and safety seriously. Let them know that they can be a financial risk to both themselves and the company since any negligence can affect everyone involved.


Proper Education
Help your employee gain a healthy feeling of control when following the safety process. Provide them with the required education, resources, and safety training schedules to be successful.
Encourage them to be in control of their own safety program and to keep themselves protected in the best way that they know how from their recent training. It would be a mistake to expect someone who is not normally enthusiastic about safety to be open to embracing these training programs from the management team. Let them be in control while regularly monitoring that they conform with proper OHS regulations.


Visible Safety Information
If your organization has a trade magazine, newsletter or company publication, include a safety column which employees have easy access to, this way regular attention is encouraged and directed toward health and safety.


Organize regular group meetings and start them with a “Safety Share.” It doesn’t matter what the topic is on, encourage them to share how they have contributed to some aspect of safety recently during working hours. You can achieve this by asking participants to report any constructive steps they have taken towards achieving a safer work environment during the past week or since the last meeting. This way you regularly promote the importance of safety in your companies culture, and it becomes an integral part of the day-to-day working routine for even someone who has not always believed in its benefits.


Create a Vision For Safety
An effective vision for safety should make employees excited about regular company advancements. Included in this vision should be learning opportunities that are not only about compliance but that include high-trust culture and a complete understanding of failure vs success. Everyone involved should be encouraged to know that health and safety practices are being put in place to empower themselves to progress toward their own individual vision of excellence.

We at TriTech Safety would love to help you create a work environment where everyone thrives and welcomes the above-mentioned safety values in this article. If you would you like to talk to us about this and other safety goals that you are interested in achieving, please call us at (780) 402-3312 or send us an email: [email protected]

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