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Oilfield Driver Awareness (Energy Safety Canada)

The Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA) course provides participants with knowledge to improve on-road driving behaviours and better understand the factors that influence driver attitudes.


Professional drivers and workers who drive in oilfield driving environments.


  • Professional driving attitude
  • Defensive driving skills
  • Regulations and policies
  • National Safety Code (NSC) requirements
  • Proper vehicle inspection
  • Off-highway driving techniques
  • Road conditions and hazards
  • Journey management


Upon successful completion of the written exam with a minimum score of 80%, you will receive a permanent Certificate of Completion.

Participants with an Alberta Operator’s License who receive 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driving record from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.

IMPORTANT: Government issued photo ID and driver’s license is required.

Duration: Full Day (approx. 8 hrs)

Certification: Energy Safety Canada                                     Expiry: 3 years