Confined Space Entry & ‘Basic’ Rescue

Participants will learn to identify the various types of hazards that may occur when working within or around a confined space. Participants will demonstrate practical skills with a breathing apparatus, and enter a confined space simulator to understand what it is like to work within a confined space.


  • Definition of a confined space and a restricted space
  • Documentation
  • Hazard assessments , controls, and elimination
  • Legislation
  • Hazardous substances and energy
  • Unauthorized entry
  • Atmospheric testing
  • Ventilation, purging & interting
  • Emergency response
  • Monitoring (tending worker/safety watch)
  • Permits
  • ‘Basic’ knowledge of confined space rescues
  • Confined space rescue categories (self-rescues & non-entry rescues)

This course includes a practical portion of training in which the students are to enter a confined space simulator.



Upon successful completion students will have the ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate all required skills.

Duration: Half-Day

Expiry: 3 years