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H2S Alive – Blended Renewal

If you currently hold a valid H2S Alive ticket from Energy Safety Canada (formerly Enform), you qualify for the new H2S Alive – Blended Renewal option. If you wish to enroll in this offering, please see the information below.

Please note: If your current H2S Alive ticket is expired, you do not qualify for this option and must take the regular 8-hour H2S Alive (Energy Safety Canada) course. We offer the full course every day except Sundays!


STEP 1: Call us to book and pay!

Call TriTech Safety to pay for your Blended Renewal course, obtain your online ACTIVATION CODE for the online portion, and book your 30-minute practical in-class.

STEP 2: Complete the online training

Visit the Energy Safety Canada website HERE. Using the ACTIVATION CODE we provided to you, complete the 3-hr Online Training. This portion must be completed before the expiry date on your current ticket. If you miss your expiry date, even by a day, you do not qualify for the Blended Renewal option.

The Online Portion is comprised of both the classroom learning and the examination.

STEP 3: Complete the practical training

If you did not schedule your practical at the time of payment, call TriTech Safety again to book your 30-minute Practical Training. To book, we will need your legal name (as it is registered with Energy Safety Canada) and your Student ID#. From the time of your online completion, you have 90-days to complete your practical training portion.

The Practical Portion includes the demonstration of skills and the receipt of your permanent ticket.

Please note: You are still eligible for the in-class Practical Training if your current ticket expires before you complete the practical portion. All this means, is that you will not hold a valid ticket from the time of your expiry to the completion of your Practical portion.

IMPORTANT: Please bring government issued photo ID and your Energy Safety Canada Student ID# (found on your online profile).

Duration: Online (3-hours) & In-person Practical (30 minutes)

Certification: Energy Safety Canada                                     Expiry: 3 years